Valentine Ten Frames

These playful valentine ten frames are a great way to build an understanding of numbers and one to one correspondence with preschoolers and kindergarteners this Valentine’s Day season. Grab your 1-10 set below and then hop over and snag the free twenty frame sheets on our sister site, Playdough to Plato.


Valentine Ten Frames

Ten frames are a fantastic tool for so many reasons. They not only provide a way to group numbers into sets, but I find them extremely helpful for my kids who are building up their one to one correspondence as well.

Each space in the ten frame is equal to one, so only one item or dot may go inside. Before taking it down to paper, we often get more hands on with our jumbo magnetic ten frames like these ones first to get more practice with the concept.

My small group loved the jumbo ten frames, and was totally ready to give these fun printable sheets a try as well.

I actually printed these out back to back to save paper since I knew my group would be using both sides, but you could choose to do one at a time if that works best for your kids.


We first kicked it off with putting our one to one correspondence knowledge immediately to use!

It was time to read some numbers and fill in some ten frames. We read the number on the first heart, which was a three.

Then, we practiced what we knew about one dot in each square and counted “1, 2, 3.”  We kept reading numbers, counting, and drawing until all of the ten frames 1-10 were complete.

Once we were ready, we flipped over our paper and gave the next activity a go.

This side was a little easier for my kids, but still required them to focus on what they knew about ten frames – using some of their subitizing skills (recognizing sets instantly without counting) as they figured out how many dots were in each ten frame.

They counted up the hearts and wrote the totals inside the bigger hearts.


We also colored the hearts, because coloring those little hearts is a surprisingly great fine motor exercise for little hands, and harder than one might think!

Grab Your Download

Ready to work on numbers to 10 and ten frames with your kids, too? Grab some crayons and download your copy of valentine ten frames by clicking the button below!

Then are you ready for a challenge? Hop over and grab valentine 20 frames over on our sister site, Playdough to Plato, too!


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