Fall Leaves Number Order

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Ordering numbers is an important skill for children to master and one that requires lots of repetition. This super cute fall themed math center is sure to engage any learner as they work on ordering two-digit numbers!

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Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed, laminated and then cut out the number cards.

I also cut and laminated a few of the rakes to add as props to the center.

(My children ADORE props!)

The Activity

I introduced this activity during our small group rotation time.

We’d looked at this concept earlier in the week but I knew that some children were still finding it challenging, so I only put out a few number sets for us to review.

One by one, the kids ‘raked’ numbers toward them to arrange the leaves in the correct numerical order.

Using the rake added a fun role-play element to the activity!


Once we had reviewed the numbers a few times, I put the activity out as a choice during math centers so I could differentiate.

For my students who were ready, I put out all the sets of leaves and asked them to rake them into the correct order.

With my higher students,  I asked them to order the cards from largest to smallest.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our number sequence game and have already requested it again. It was such a great activity to fall back on in our math centers and morning work!

Download Your Set

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