Ten Frame Addition Board Game

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Board games are a HUGE hit in my first grade classroom, and this ten frame addition board game is no exception! My students loved solving addition problems as they raced to the finish line. It was the perfect addition to our math centers.

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Ten Frame Addition Board Game

Getting Ready

To prep this fun math center, I printed out the game board and cards onto thick cardstock.  Then, I laminated everything so my first graders wouldn’t tear it apart. (I love them dearly, but laminating is SO necessary)!

Lastly, I gathered a few spare LEGO bricks to use as the game pieces.  It’s such a minor step, but I try to incorporate LEGOS into as many activities as possible since the kids love them so much.

Addition Board Game 2

Ten Frame Addition Board Game

Because we use a lot of board games in my  classroom, I didn’t spend too much time explaining the importance of shuffling the cards or taking turns, but I did gather all my students on the carpet to show them how to use the ten frame cards.

I held the cards under my document camera and showed my students how each card had a ten frame and a number sentence frame such as 2 +3 = ___ to help them add up the two amounts.

Then, I selected a student to play the game with me for a minute or two. We took turns picking a card, adding it up and then moving our LEGO game piece.

I asked my students if they knew how to use the game, and everyone showed me a thumbs up so I knew they were ready to jump in and start playing.

Addition Board Game 3

Finally, I added the Ten Frame Addition Board Game to our math centers bookshelf and let my students take turns using it throughout the week.

Grab Your Copy

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      I’m sorry you weren’t able to grab the board game! The link has been updated, and you’ll be able to download it now. Please let me know if you have any further issues!
      Sarah // The STEM Laboratory Team

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