Dinosaur Math Graphing

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This dinosaur graphing game is a wonderful way to build your preschool child’s early math skills with a motivating dinosaur twist. Kids love wiggling and shaking the dinosaur dice as they work on color discrimination, visual perception and graphing skills.

Super fun dinosaur graphing activity for preschoolers or kindergarteners! Roll the dice and graph the color below. Great for color recognition or a dinosaur unit.

Getting started

I first prepared the activity by printing out the dinosaur graphing activity pack (below) on cardstock to give it extra durability. Then I cut apart the colored squares and dice before gluing the dice into a cube.

Note: an older child could do the cutting herself to build hand strength and fine motor skills.

Dinosaur Math GraphingNext, I folded the dice tabs inward and glued them together using a tape runner so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the ends to dry.

Dinosaur Math Graphing
I placed the supplies on the table along with a glue stick. We were ready to play!

Dinosaur Math Graphing

Dinosaur Graphing

To play the game, my daughter picked up the dinosaur dice in both hands, wiggled it around a little bit and then rolled it on the table to see what color would land on top.

It was purple so she grabbed a purple colored square and glued it in the correct column on the graph. The purple dinosaur had an early lead!

One roll after another, she shook, rolled and graphed the colored dinosaurs on her chart. There were plenty of smiles and lots of excitement as she raced to see which dinosaur would make it to the top first.

Dinosaur Math Graphing

See how she had to place the square correctly in order for it to fit it into the square?! That’s where the fine motor skills and visual perception come into play.

Dinosaur Math Graphing

My daughter guessed the green one would win… and guess what? It came from behind and won! (With some clever dice dropping, of course.)

Grab your set

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