Hundred Chart Apple Addition

Addition is an important skill for young learners and this playful apple hundred chart game makes it so fun to practice!

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Getting Ready

To prepare this hundred chart game, we first gathered a few supplies:

  • Laminator (this one’s my favorite!)
  • Paper or cardstock
  • Brad
  • Paper clip
  • Counters (erasers, pom poms, or other small items)

I printed the hundred chart (below) and laminated it to make the game durable enough for kids to use over and over again.

Then, I slipped my brad through the end of a paper clip and punched it through the center of the game spinner.

I grabbed our bag of 100 apple mini erasers I found at Target.

If you don’t have erasers, any small item will do as long as you have 100 of them.

Apple Addition Hundred Chart Game

Now, it was time to start adding!

I had my son spin the paper clip on the spinner and identify the number it landed on 2!

He added the same number of counters to his hundred chart as he counted out loud: “1, 2.”

My son spun again and landed on ten.

He placed ten more apples on his board and then we talked about the addition problem to reinforce the math fact he solved: “2 apples plus 10 more apples equals 12 apples all together.”

We talked about each addition problem as we went along and continued spinning and solving until he reached 100 apples!

Hundred Chart Game Extension Activities

If you have different colored counters (red and green pom poms, pink and yellow apple erasers, etc), have your child use a different color with each spin.

When the board is filled, have your student count how many of each color is on the board.

Then, have him add the larger numbers together to confirm that there are 100 apples all together.

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