Penguin Number Puzzles

Looking for a fun way to practice 1, 2, 3 or skip counting with preschoolers or kindergarteners? These wintery penguin number puzzles are an easy prep, fun to play math activity. Grab your set below and then hop over and snag a free editable penguin sight word game too!

Free penguin number puzzles!

Getting Ready

The prep was quick and easy! I simply printed the puzzles on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut along the grey lines to separate the pieces.


(If I were prepping the puzzles for a classroom, I would also laminate the sets so I could use them again year after year.)

I slid each puzzle into a separate snack sized Ziploc bag and invited the kids over to join me.

(See?! I promised it was easy.)

Number Puzzles

Little Sister (age 3) has been working hard on recognizing the numbers 1 to 10 so I grabbed that puzzle first.

Picking up one puzzle piece at a time, I showed her how to place them in 1, 2, 3 order.

As we came to the last few pieces in the group, Little Sister was thrilled to recognize the mystery picture: an adorable fishing penguin!

After I slid puzzle piece #10 into place, she was eager to give it a go on her own.


One piece after the next, she solved her puzzle using a combination of the numbers and picture clues.

Meanwhile, across the table, Middle Brother (age 5) was busy tackling skip counting. He counted by tens,


Skipped by 5s,


And worked on counting by 2s.


He loved the extra challenge and was always excited to see what penguin picture he was going to build next.

Grab Your Set

Ready to play along too?! Click the blue button below and then keep scrolling to find more irresistibly fun penguin activities for kids!

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