The Ultimate Guide to STEM Boxes

Whether you’re creating Makerspaces, STEM centers or early finisher activities, these tips and tricks make it so easy to pull together effective and engaging STEM boxes in your primary classroom or homeschool.

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Find out tons of sanity saving teacher hacks. And, to help you get started fast, grab a set of free editable printables including:

–> Box labels to help you stay organized,
–> Student checklists to easily keep track of student work,
–> and LEGO challenge cards to set up your first STEM center.

Supplies on Amazon

Here are the direct links to STEM box supplies on Amazon:

–> Snap top bins

–> Labeling pockets

–> Bright colored paper

–> Binder rings

Grab Your Printables

Ready to jump in and get started?! Click the blue download button below to grab your free editable pack and then hop over and snag our Endless STEM Challenge Bundle!

Endless STEM Challenges

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