Write and Wipe Counting Cards

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Counting just got WAY cooler! These six playful write and wipe counting card sets make learning to count from 1 to 20 fun for kids.

Kids grab a card, read the number written at the top, and draw the missing objects to make the picture match. So simple and fun!

Grab your set in our shop!  The counting cards are great to use in preschool or kindergarten math centers!

Write and Wipe Counting Cards!

Getting Ready

Prepping the activity was quick and easy. I just printed the sets on cardstock to give them extra durability, cut along the lines to separate the pieces, and slid them through the laminator for easy reuse. I grabbed a vis-a-vis marker and invited Middle Brother (age 5) and Little Sister (age 3) over to join me.

Write and Wipe Cards

Little Sister is still practicing counting one object at a time so I pulled out the 1 to 10 gumball cards for her to work on first.

I knew that drawing circular gumballs would be easier for her than making more complicated band aids or even cow spots.

Starting with the number one, I helped Little Sister read the number at the top of the card and showed her how to draw the missing gumballs to match.

Draw more gumballs counting cards!

Since the number three card already had one gumball in the machine, we counted it, pretended to stick the number in our head by tapping on our forehead, and then counted up as we drew gumball two and three.

Meanwhile, across the table, Middle Brother was busy working on adding cow spots. He thought it was pretty funny to see such bare cows smiling up at him!Write and Wipe Counting Cards

Over the next few days, we tried out all of the sets. They added rocks to the back of dump trucks,

Draw more rocks counting cards!

Drew band aids on teddy bears,

Draw more bandaids counting cards!

Added missing bubbles,

Draw more bubbles counting cards!

And drew rain drops falling from clouds.

Counting takes plenty of practice so we will be pulling out the cards over and over again for Little Sister!

Grab Your Pack

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Write and Wipe Counting Cards

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