Scientific Method Posters

The Scientific Method is the process researchers use to complete science experiments and find answers to scientific questions. These colorful, kid-friendly posters bring the process alive for young scientists as they work through all six steps: asking a question, researching, making a hypothesis, running an experiment, analyzing the data, and drawing a conclusion.

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Free Scientific Method Posters!

Scientific Method Posters

I wanted the posters (below) to be able to last, so I printed them on cardstock and slid them through the laminator. Then I grabbed some double sided mounting tape and attached them to the wall of our science corner so the kids could easily refer to them as we worked through experiments.

Free Scientific Method Posters for Kids!

Five quick minutes of prep gave our science area a major makeover!

Grab Your Set

Excited to add the scientific method posters to your science center or maker space? Click the blue download button below and then hop over and grab our Super Cool Science Kit too!


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