Beach Bucket Number Match

Looking to have buckets of counting fun this summer?!

I’m right there with you!

Base 10 blocks are a great resource for young learners to work on counting and identifying numbers.

Scroll down to download your base 10 freebie and then hop over and grab our Flip Flop Measuring for more fun on hot summer days.

Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I printed the buckets and starfish on cardstock and laminated them for extra durability.

Cutting them with my paper cutter was easy, as the images have black-line boxes to help with a quick and easy prep.

I separated the bucket cards from the starfish cards and placed all the images face up on the table.

For fun, I grabbed a small sand shovel from the play area for matching.

Base 10 Bucket Activity

To play, the first student picked a starfish card with the number 13, said the number out loud and then looked for the matching bucket piece.

She picked up several cards, counting out loud before she moved to the next card to find the correct match.

Once she found the right pair, she scooped up both pieces with her shovel.

The process continued until all the students had a turn and each starfish was paired.

Extension Activity

Once my students were more confident in their matching, I mixed it up.

I laid all the starfish cards on the table and mixed up all the bucket cards in a small sand pail.

Kids took turns drawing a bucket card from the pail, reading it aloud to the group, and competing against each other to shovel up the correct answer the fastest.

They loved the friendly little competition and I loved that they were building up rapid number fluency!

Grab Your Download

Ready for some fun summer counting? Click the blue download button below to grab your free copy and then hop over and snag some Sandcastle Addition Puzzles for even more beach day fun!

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