Froggy Fractions

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Step away from worksheets and make fraction practice more lively and fun with these Froggy Fraction Clip Cards. They’re perfect to use as a math center or homeschool activity!

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Getting Ready

To prep our fraction cards, I printed out the activity on cardstock paper to give it extra durability.


Then I cut along the bold horizontal and vertical line to separate the cards.


To make the activity self-check, I clipped the correct answer on each card, turned them face down on the table, and marked the clip spots with a small crayon dot.

You could also laminate the cards if you plan on using the activity in the classroom but printing it out on cardstock paper may give it enough durability without the extra step.

The Activity

I gave my daughter (age 7) the cards and a bowl of clothespins.


She was really excited to finally have a clothespin activity and eagerly got to work clipping the fraction that matched the frog picture.


One card after the next, she proudly practiced her fractions.


When she was done, she flipped the cards to the back and double checked her work.

Then my 2 1/2 year old promptly worked on her own pincer grip and removed all the clothespins for us.


I love how this activity allowed my daughter to step away from the common fraction worksheets that can sometimes be repetitive and just plain boring. The friendly looking froggy gave her a little smile.

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