50+ Genius STEM Activities for Kids

With a name like The STEM Laboratory, it’s no surprise that we’re obsessed about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities for kids.

These 50+ STEM projects are sure to keep little scientists engaged, learning and well-prepared for their STEM-filled future.

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50 genius STEM activities for kids! So many fun science, technology, engineering and math ideas in one spot. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade or second grade. 

Science Projects

There are countless science experiments for kids but these 14 projects are our hands-down favorites!

50+ Genius STEM Activities for Kids. So many awesome science, technology, engineering and math activities in one spot.

Make a mini model of the water cycle with just a Ziploc bag!

Turn your name into crystals!

Find out why the sky is blue. // Rookie Parenting

Test whether objects are magnetic. // The Measured Mom

Whip up some frothy, foamy toothpaste.

Pour ice that is warm to the touch but freezes.

Make one orange sink and another one float!

Pour a rainbow into a jar. 

Capture fireworks in a jar using just a few common household supplies. // I Can Teach My Child

50+ awesome STEM activities for kids. So many genius science, technology, engineering and math activities in one spot.

Go fishing for ice.

Learn about color mixing when you make water walk! // Parenting Chaos

Catch a cloud in a jar.

Build a sand volcano that really erupts. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

Play with Magnetic Slime. // Frugal Fun 4 Boys 

Technology Activities

Build robots that really walk, talk and “think”. // Amazon

Teach kids about coding!

Let kids have a little screen time playing 20 teacher-approved apps.

Program a set of kid-friendly robot friends: Dash and Dot. // Amazon

Or build a Kano computer! // Amazon



Engineering Projects

Crazy Cool STEM Activities for Kids. I'm excited to try these engineering projects!

Solve a batch of LEGO challenge cards.

Fold paper into building blocks that really stack. // Babble Dabble Do

Use plastic cups and craft sticks to create four brilliant challenges. // Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Build with straws and tape. // Lemon Lime Adventures

Build structures with marshmallows and pretzels.

Awesome STEM activities for kids. So many fun engineering projects in this roundup!

Design a pom pom drop that guides the pom pom from one paper towel roll to the next. // Coffee Cups and Crayons

Learn about bridges and then build your own. // Carrots are Orange

Make a craft stick catapult that really launches!

Try a classic! Organize an egg drop challenge. Can you build a structure that will keep the egg from breaking?! // Buggy and Buddy

Build a batch of exploding boomerangs. // I Can Teach My Child

Test the strength of a piece of paper. // Creekside Learning

Make a moveable pulley! // Carrots Are Orange

Work as a team to build with pipe cleaners and aluminum foil. // Housing a Forest



Math Activities

Super fun STEM activities for kids! There's a math activity for every age in this roundup.

Practice counting with some truck playdough mats. // Pre Kinders

Or add googly eyes to monsters! 

Teach kids about odd and even numbers with some hands-on activity sheets.

Clip 2-dimensional shapes. // The Measured Mom

And piece together shape puzzles. 

Introduce addition and subtraction with mini activity books. // Liz’s Early Learning Spot

Turn a Ziploc into a math problem solver. // Mrs. T’s First Grade Class

Build addition facts with LEGOS!

50+ genius STEM activities for kids. So many fun science, technology, engineering and math activities.

Play a fun round of Math Fact Jenga. // The First Grade Parade

Work on coin values and adding. // 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Learn about AM/PM and telling time to the nearest 5-minute interval.

Introduce fractions with one of kids’ favorite things: pizza!

Teach kids a quick trick for solving multiplication problems in a jiffy. // Teach Mama 


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