Fraction Puzzles

If you need a quick and simple way to give fractions a little extra fun factor, these puzzles are a must-grab.

Print the entire set for kids who are ready to be stretched or choose just a few for students to focus on if they’re new to fractions.

Snag your download below and then hop over and grab the Fraction Pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers for more playful learning!

Getting Ready

Prepping the puzzles took just a few minutes.

I printed off the complete set on cardstock to make them durable enough that we could use them again and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

(If you’re using the puzzles in a classroom, you may want to laminate them too.)

Fraction Puzzles

My second grader has been working on fractions for a little while now so I knew he was ready to tackle the entire stack of puzzles at once.

We quickly reviewed what the numerator and denominator mean: the numerator on top tells us the number of pieces out of the total number possible shown by the denominator on the bottom.

He explained to me that the line in the middle always says “out of” so if he’s reading 3/4 he would say “three OUT OF four”.

And then came the fun! He grabbed one fraction topper at a time, read the words out loud, and then found the pieces that belonged below it.

Each puzzle had one piece showing the fraction in numbers plus two pictures showing different ways to draw it.

It was such a great way to see multiple versions of the same fraction in one spot!

Snag Your Puzzles

Click the blue download button below to grab your fraction puzzles and then hop over and snag the Fraction Pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers for more hands-on learning!

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