Llama Number Sense Clip Cards

There will be no drama during math class with these llama themed number sense clip cards.

They are great for helping young learners match numbers, number words, tallies, and ten frames from 1-10.

Getting Ready

All you’ll need to do to prep this activity is print, laminate, and cut. I suggest printing on cardstock for durability.

After laminating the cards, cut them out so that you have ten cards total – one for each number word 1-10.

Llama Number Sense Clip Cards

This set of clip cards is a bit different so be sure you note the change with your students.

With this set of clip cards, your students are looking for the image that DOES NOT match the number word at the top of each card.

How to Use the Cards

Each llama number sense card features a number word. Below that, kids will identify the number represented in each of the three images in the boxes at the bottom of each card.

Students will use a paperclip or clothespin to identify the image that doesn’t match the number word.

Make This an Independent Activity

If you’d like to make this an independent activity, put a small sticker on the back of the answer. Once the student has identified what they think is the correct answer, they can flip the card over to see if their clothespin covers the sticker.

These clip cards are perfect to pull out when you’re learning about llamas or just reinforcing number sense with your students.

Grab Your Download

Are you ready to work on number sense with this set of Llama Number Sense Clip Cards? Grab your copy by clicking the blue download button below.


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