Ice Cream Word Problems 

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream so I knew my kids would love to get their hands on these sweet ice cream math word problems!

They’re a super cool way to sneak in a little math review on a hot summer day or just because.

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Ice Cream Word Problems by The STEM Laboratory

Getting Ready

Prep was easy peasy!

I printed off the math word problems on white cardstock and cut them out using my trusty paper cutter.

Then I sorted the word problems by their border color:

–> Pink and orange were addition within 20.

–> Purple and yellow were subtraction within 20.

I printed off the record sheets and grabbed some pencils.

We were all set!

Ice Cream Word Problems by The STEM Laboratory

Ice Cream Word Problems

Each child picked an ice cream word problem and started reading through the story.

The first student had a pink addition problem numbered 10. She wrote the plus sign in the #10 spot on her record sheet.

Then she read the story again to find the addends (the two numbers that she would be adding together).

Once she found the numbers, she wrote out her complete math problem on the worksheet.

Ice Cream Word Problems by The STEM Laboratory

After completing the stack of addition problems, a couple of students were ready to move on to the subtraction word problems.

The word problems were a little harder for them to solve but they loved the challenge. And the sweet ice cream theme was perfect for a hot summer day.

Grab Your Download

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Addition Write and Wipe Cards from The STEM Laboratory

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