Popsicle Addition Match

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This popsicle addition match is sure to keep your students engaged with math as the countdown to summer begins!

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Popsicle Addition Match

Getting Ready

To start,  I printed off the puzzles, ran them through the laminator and cut out the individual pieces.

I glued the bottom pieces of each popsicle on to a large popsicle stick. While this is optional, it is a fun addition to this math lesson.

Lastly, I placed some blu-tac on the back of each piece so that the puzzles would stick to the surface. You can even take them outside as we did!

Popsicle Addition Match Getting Ready by The STEM Laboratory

Popsicle Addition Match

Since our first lesson using this game was with the whole class, I divided the children up into teams of three and gave each team a numbered popsicle stick.

The students then took turns finding the sum from the wall that matched the answer on their popsicle.

To keep the lesson super engaging, I had the teams “race” one another to see who could complete their stick first.

Once each team had completed their popsicle, I mixed up the pieces and had each team swap sticks so that we could play again.

Free addition game to play outside.

Later in the week, we used the activity again in our math centers.

This time I placed all the pieces on the floor at once and had the students find the matches.

It was fantastic to see them taking initiative and decided how their group could best finish the activity.

Popsicle Addition Matching Game by The STEM Laboratory

Grab Your Set

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