Gumball Write and Wipe Addition Cards

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These fun gumball write and wipe cards are a playful way to work on counting and addition in kindergarten or first grade.

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Gumball Write and Wipe Addition Cards

Getting Ready

To prep these addition cards, I printed the write and wipe cards onto thick cardstock.  Then, I cut them apart and laminated each piece so that my students could use them over and over again.

Next, I printed off the recording sheets on regular paper – making sure to make extra copies since I knew this would quickly become a popular math center during “choice time.”

Last, I gathered up my dry erase markers and erasers and the center was ready to go!


Write and Wipe Addition Cards

I gathered my students on our classroom carpet, turned on my document camera, and modeled how to count the gumballs and write the corresponding number sentence below the gumball machine.  I had a few students come up and try out a write and wipe card, and then we filled in a few of the spaces on the recording sheet as a class.


Although it was a simple introduction, my students caught on quickly, and knew exactly what their math “job” was when it was their turn to try out our new math center.

Within a few days of having these addition cards in my classroom’s math area, each of my students had the opportunity to try it out.  Less is more in my opinion, so I didn’t collect the recording sheets – instead my students just quickly showed them to me whenever they finished the math center and then they took them home.

I left this center out for a few weeks and encouraged my first graders who still needed addition practice to go back and “grow their brains” at the math center several times. My students loved trying something new, and I loved that they were writing addition number sentences!


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