Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

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February means classrooms will begin filling with all things HEARTS and Valentine’s treats! And speaking of treats, students will love practicing counting with these sweet number puzzles.

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Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

Getting Ready

Prep for these number puzzles was a snap!

I quickly printed off all of the puzzle pages and used my paper cutter to chop the edges along the outside edge.

Then, with a pair of scissors, I cut apart the individual puzzles. 

There were two puzzles on each page, so they made nice large pieces for little hands to hold.

Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

Next, I added stickers to the back of the matching pieces so that students could self-check the answers when they were finished.  I love that I made these number puzzles self-checking!

Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

Sweet Treat Number Puzzles

To start the activity, I had my students help me lay out all of the numbers in order.

We practiced reading the numbers out loud together.

Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

Then, taking turns, students drew a picture card from the basket. 

The first student chose the card with two heart cookies. 

She counted the treats out loud and then matched the picture to the correct numeral.

Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

The next student chose nine cookies. She counted the batch out loud and then slid the number puzzle into the right spot.

Sweet Treats Number Puzzles

Every student took a turn until all of our sweet treats were counted and each number puzzle was complete!  The puzzles were adorable when they were all done.  This was a great activity for Valentine’s Day and put us in just the right mood for our fun class party afterwards!

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