Solar System Hats

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Children love learning about outer space – twinkling stars, faraway planets, infinite miles of unknown. – it’s all pretty magical.  Whether you’re organizing a space unit or just want a fun way to help kids learn the order of planets from the sun, these solar system hats are a must-try.

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Solar System Hats

Getting Ready

To prep for the making of our out-of-this-world solar system hats, I printed a copy of the solar system coloring sheet (available here) for each child.

Then, I grabbed several sheets of black construction paper and cut them into 3 inch wide strips. I wanted to make a headband that was 3 inches wide x 24 inches long.  Since my paper was 12 inches long, I glued the ends of two strips together to make one long piece.

Making the Solar System Hats

My boys (ages 4.5 and 6) love space activities, so they couldn’t wait to get to work. They each grabbed their own coloring sheet and started fancying it up using the details they already knew about each planet. Mars looks red because it’s covered by red iron oxide, Uranus’ blue-green color comes from its frozen ammonia and methane, etc.

I love, love, love this outer space craft! Make a solar system hat.

When they were finished coloring, they grabbed a pair of scissors. We were ready for the next step: gluing the pieces to their black headband.

Starting with the sun, the boys cut out one object and label at a time so that they wouldn’t get the pieces mixed up. They glued the sun on the left hand side of the strip and then followed up by attaching the planets in the correct order:

Mercury – Venus – Earth – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn – Uranus – Neptune

Awesome outer space activity for kids! Make solar system hats. Perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

In case it helps them remember the order, there’s a silly mnemonic phrase that says:

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos.

When all of the planets and labels were in place, I helped them wrap the black headband around their head snuggly.  Then, I stapled the ends together to make a hat.

I love these solar system hats! Such a fun outer space activity for kids.

Such a fun, hands-on solar system activity for kids!  Your own kiddos or class will love this activity.  And, of course, will love wearing them the rest of the week!

Grab Your Set

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