Summer Color by Code

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Color by codes are a favorite in my classroom! I love them because the students are learning and they love them because they think they’re just coloring.

These summer-themed color-by-codes are perfect for the end of your school year or as review over summer break.

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Summer Color by Code

Getting Ready

Prep was easy peasy.

I printed out the color by code coloring sheets with all three options for the students to choose from.

Then, I grabbed some crayons and pencils for the students to use.

Summer Color by Code

Color by Code Activity

I laid the code by color choices on the table and let the students choose which one they wanted to work on first.

Once the students had chosen the page that they wanted to do, we worked on finding the sums.

We have been working on 2-digit addition without regrouping, so this was the perfect independent activity for them to practice their skills.

Before coloring, they were allowed to check their answers with a calculator to ensure that they were all correct.

Summer Color by Code

Then, it was time to color!

My students loved being able to see their art take shape.

The summery color by code sheets turned out beautifully and the students were begging to do more, which is always a win.

Summer Color by Code

Grab Your Copy

Ready to work on math sums?

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