Cactus Math Skills Practice Cards

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These math skill practice cards are perfect for first grade! Place them in your STEM center, use them as a challenge for early finishers or pull them out for morning work. There are so many possibilities!

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Cactus Math Skills Practice Cards

As a first grade teacher, I’m always looking for ways to assess my students and make sure all their progress throughout the year is “sticking.”

These math practice cards were the perfect way for me to quickly ask my students a variety of math questions and get a sense of what they had learned.  My students thought it was a fun little challenge, and I was easily able to get the check in I needed.

Getting Ready

To prep the math practice cards, I started out by printing them onto cardstock for extra durability.  Then, I laminated the card stock, cut the cards out and hole-punched the upper left corner of each so I could organize them all on a one-inch binder ring.

Doing this made “flipping” through the cards easier and ensured that none of the cards would get lost!

Cactus Math Skills Practice Cards

Using the Math Practice Cards

Once I had the practice cards prepped, I simply called students over to my teacher table one at a time and used them as a quick skills review.

I read the questions out loud since I wanted to assess their math abilities and not their reading skills.

Cactus Math Skills Practice Cards

I had a whiteboard close by and told my kiddos they could use it if needed, but most of my students just answered verbally.

To record the results and any notes, I went old school:  I had a clipboard with a piece of paper on it and wrote down each students’ name.

If they struggled with anything, I made a note.

If they got everything correct, I just put a smiley face.

Very high-tech, I know!

After calling over each of my students (which took about two days during our math time), I looked over my notes and searched for any patterns.

I noticed that a handful of my students had issues counting from 101-115, so I made sure to take time to review that tricky concept for the next few days, along with a few other small things.

Lastly, I stuck a Command hook over in my math area, hung the ring of cards on it, and told my class that they could quiz each other with the math practice cards since I had already used them.

Cactus Math Skills Practice Cards

There’s always a “cool” factor about putting something new out– especially when it’s on a special hook– so my students got PLENTY of review in!

This activity gave me great information about students’ math progress.

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