Snowflake Counting Game

While numbers and counting seem to go hand in hand, rote counting on its own is very different from number identification, one to one correspondence, and subitizing. This snowflake counting game works on all 3 of those important skills with a fun and seasonal twist. It is a great math center or activity for preschoolers or kindergarteners to play this winter!


Getting Ready

This fun math activity is fairly quick to prepare, and hardly uses any printer ink!

I printed one set of the snowflake cards (you may want to print more depending on how many kids will be playing) and I laminated them so that I can use them multiple times in the classroom.

Then I ran off one copy of the recording sheet for each kid, along with a few extras. I always have kids who want to play the games more than once, which is always fine by me!

Snowflake Counting Game

This game was a fun addition to our math centers, and was instantly a hit – my kids are big fans of games with recording sheets that involve any form of coloring. (They love them!)

They were excited to settle in and get ready to count up some snowflakes, and I was happy to play the first round of the game with a small group.

We first picked up a card and counted the snowflakes on it. Some kids were able to subitize the amount (recognize how many instantly without counting) while others needed to count one by one. Either way, we were making progress.

Once we figured out how many snowflakes, we searched for the matching number on a mitten. (When it snows, we need our mittens!)

We first counted 1, 2, 3 snowflakes, so we searched, found, and colored the mitten with the number 3 on it.


Then we picked up our next card, counted the snowflakes and colored the matching mittens until our recording sheet: a two!


We continued flipping, counting and coloring until our sheet was complete.

Grab Your Download

Ready to play this fun winter math game with your own kids? Grab your copy of the snowflake counting game by clicking the button below and then hop over and grab our free gingerbread counting cards and elf decoder too!


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