Agamograph Valentines

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If you’ve never heard of an agamograph, you’re not alone. I had no idea what they were. But like me,  you’ve probably been amazed by them before.

An agamograph is a kinetic image created by artist Yaccov Agam that changes based on the angle of the viewer. My little artists already have Valentine’s Day on their minds so we decided to use the magic of agamographs to add a little fun to our Valentine’s messages.

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Agamograph Valentines

Getting Ready

To make our Valentine agamographs, we gathered a few supplies:

  • Agamograph picture printable printed on plain paper (below)
  • Agamograph base printable printed on card stock (below)
  • white card stock
  • Markers, pens, or something to color with
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Making the Agamograph

We printed the image templates and base template (below), making sure to print the picture pages on plain copy paper and the base printable on cardstock to give it added durability.

Then, we took a moment to think about what two images would go together to create a Valentine. My kids grabbed the image template and drew one image on image template #1 and another one on image template #2.

Fun Valentine's Day art project for kids!

When our pictures were done, we cut each image out along the bold lines and then cut the picture into strips along the dotted lines.

Agamograph Valentines

Next, we cut the agamograph base template out along the bold lines and then folded the template accordion-style along the dotted lines.

We glued the image strips onto the base template, matching the numbers and letters from the pictures to the base template.

Agamograph Valentines

Once the picture was dry, we re-creased the Valentine one more time.  The finished image looked like a jumbled mess when viewed straight on.

Agamograph Valentines

But when we placed the masterpiece on a flat surface and moved our head from side to side, the two separate images appeared.

Agamograph Valentines

My 4 year-old was amazed when his butchered images magically reappeared.  Our Valentine’s agamograph was such a fun way to introduce the concepts of angle and perspective. Both my kiddos are busy thinking up more messages to let their friends and family know how special they are.

Grab Your Set

Ready to make an agamograph of your own?!

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