Very Hungry Caterpillar Clip Cards

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If you’re a fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, these counting cards are a must-play. Inspired by the classic children’s book, these Very Hungry Caterpillar clip cards give kids practice with counting, number recognition, subitizing (instantly recognizing the number of objects in a group) and fine motor skills.

They’re perfect to use as a preschool or early kindergarten math center or story follow-up activity!

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Very Hungry Caterpillar Clip Cards

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the clip cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors pop. I cut along the bold black lines to separate the pieces and grabbed our bag of medium sized clothespins.

These free Very Hungry Caterpillar clip cards are adorable! They'd be perfect for a preschool or early kindergarten math center.

I wanted the activity to be self-check for Middle Brother so that he could work on the activity independently during quiet time. I clipped each card in the correct spot. Then, I turned the pile upside down to mark the answers with a crayon dot on the back side of every card. Now Middle Brother would be able to clip his answer and then flip over the card to see if he was correct.

Note: If you’ll be using the activity in a classroom, you may also want to laminate the cards to make them hefty enough for reuse.

Viola! The activity was ready.

Solving the Clip Cards

Middle Brother knew just what to do. He shuffled the cards and placed them in a stack. Then, he grabbed the top card in the pile and counted the number of pickles.

“Five!” he called out as he grabbed one of the clothespins and clipped the 5 to match.

Super cute Very Hungry Caterpillar clip cards. Such a fun way to work on counting, number recognition and fine motor skills with preschoolers and early kindergarteners.

One card after another, he clipped his way through the stack, flipping his cards over to check his answers when he was finished.

Adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar clip cards for preschool or kindergarten. Such a fun math activity!

Grab Your Set

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