LEGO STEM Activities

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LEGOs have stood the test of time. Even with competing video and computer games, most kids still love building with bricks.  These fun LEGO STEM activities give children hands-on practice with science, technology, engineering and math – skills they’ll rely on for years to come.

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LEGO STEM Activities

Kids will have a blast with these LEGO STEM activities! They’re perfect for pre-kindergarten through elementary school. Use these LEGO activity ideas to inspire your own creative LEGO STEM and STEAM projects in the classroom or at home.

LEGO Science Activities

LEGO STEM Activities

Build a LEGO Volcano that really erupts!

Get hands-on with physics by designing a fidget spinner. // Frugal Fun for Boys

For some simple summer science, whip up some LEGO Shadow Towers. // Lemon Lime Adventures

Design a LEGO planter.// Lemon Lime Adventures

Create a water dam made out of plastic bricks. // Little Bins for Little Hands

And learn about water displacement. // Lemon Lime Adventures

LEGO Technology Activities

LEGO STEM Activities

Go on an official LEGO rescue mission with this wind power LEGO challenge. // STEAM Powered Family

Make a LEGO machine that paints on its own. // Stir the Wonder

Design a LEGO gravity roller. // Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Test how far your LEGO balloon cars will go.// Little Bins for Little Hands

Create a drawing LEGO robot. // STEAM Powered Family

LEGO Engineering Activities

LEGO STEM Activities

Build famous landmarks from around the world.

Design a LEGO rainbow. //Schooling a Monkey

Solve a batch of LEGO challenge cards.

Make replicas of objects from all four seasons.

Read a storybook and then tackle an engineering challenge. // Left Brain Craft Brain

Create a LEGO zip line! // Little Bins for Little Hands

LEGO Math Activities

LEGO STEM Activities

Practice addition by building equations.

And then print a set of these addition mats. // Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Or tackle multiplication. // Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Build numbers from LEGOS. // Little Bins for Little Hands

And solve a batch of math challenges. // Little Bins for Little Hands

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