Flip Flop Measuring

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We all know that kids can get a little stir-crazy waiting for summer to start!  To keep my students engaged and motivated to finish the school year strong, I created a bright flip flop measuring activity.

It’s a great math center for the classroom and it would also be a fun activity for kids to use at home!  And speaking of great math centers, check out our awesome Editable Math Fact Games in our shop!

Flip Flop Measuring

Getting Ready

To prep, I simply printed out the measuring activity on cardstock and cut out the beach ball ruler and various flip flops.  I made sure to cut on the dashed lines so that the length of each flip flop would match up nicely with the ruler.

Then, I laminated each piece!  It’s one extra step, but very necessary for a classroom of first graders.

Flip Flop Measuring 5

Flip Flop Measuring Activity

This activity was quick and easy to implement in my classroom.  I gathered my students on the carpet and showed them the flip flops and how to measure each from end-to-end using the beach ball ruler.

Flip Flop Measuring 4

Then, I showed them the flip flop measuring recording sheet and pointed out the bonus activities they could do after completing the first part.

I added the measuring activity to our math centers and let my students take turns using it over the next few days. My students worked in pairs to measure each flip flop and when they thought everything was measured correctly, I came over and quickly checked their work.

Flip Flop Measuring

If they still had time to keep working, my students had choices to extend their learning. Most of them went on a mini scavenger hunt for the real flip flops I had hidden in my classroom.  They chose one to measure and recorded its length on their sheet.

They could also design their own flip flop on the recording sheet and I even had some kids who organized the flip flop cards from shortest to longest!

Flip Flop Measuring 3

My students LOVED this summer measuring activity and I loved it too. It was a simple, playful way to keep them focused and engaged!

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