Numbers 1-10 Activity Mats

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Learning about numbers is more than learning to count – it requires understanding what numbers actually mean. These 1-10 number activity mats make it fun to practice number recognition, formation, counting, ten frames and tally marks all in one.

They’re the perfect addition to any preschool or kindergarten math lesson.

Numbers 1-10 Activity Mats

Getting Ready

Preparing the number activity mats is as easy as they come. I simply printed the download (below) and then laminated it for repeated use. You could also place the pages inside sheet protectors since dry erase markers work well on them too.

After laminating, I grabbed some play dough, dry erase markers and counting bears. Then, I was ready to introduce the mats to my kids!

Numbers 1-10 Activity Mats

Number Activity Mats

Once the mats were ready to go and we had our supplies, we picked a number to work with first. Since this wasn’t my students’ first time practicing the numbers 1 to 10, I let them tackle all of the mats at once. However, you may choose to work on them slowly, starting with the number one, for younger learners.

Each kid worked with a different mat and I offered support as needed. The great thing about these mats is that once you explain the activities, each mat is the same so that kids can be independent with them.

First, we wrote our number with a dry erase marker. If you use number formation poems or songs, you can chant or sing them while you write to make it even more fun!

Next, we built our number with playdough – this was one of our favorite parts!

Finally, we counted out the corresponding number of counting bears.  So many options with these number activity mats!

For the ten frames and tally marks, you can choose to just talk about them or you can have your kids trace them. I find that having them go over them with the marker is helpful, especially for learning how to form tally marks.

number activity mats 2

My kids love these mats, and I love that they can feel successful learning about their numbers!

Grab Your Set

Are you ready to get hands-on with the numbers 1-10? Grab your free copy of the number activity mats below and then snag a copy of our favorite number formation rhymes and activity sheets!


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