Summer Counting Cards

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Nothing sounds better to me right now than sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying some fun in the sun! I know my students are just as excited for summer as I am, so I created these summer counting cards for our math centers.

Scroll down to grab your counting freebie and then hop over and grab our Number Activity Mats in for more hands-on math fun.

Summer Counting Cards

Getting Ready

To prep , I printed the cards on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

The picture cards will print two sets to a page to make nice big pieces for little hands to hold.

After slicing them up with my paper cutter, my cards were ready to go!

Free Summer Counting Cards by The STEM Laboratory including this sweet watermelon and pineapple themed card.

Summer Counting Cards

To start the activity, I had students line up the number cards so we could review numbers 1 to 10 together.

We pointed to each card as we said the numbers aloud.

Free Summer Counting Cards by The STEM Laboratory are great working working on number sequencing.

Then, each child took a turn picking a picture card.

The first child chose the crab card.

She pointed at each crab as she counted out loud:

“1… 2… 3… 4… 5!  5 red crabs.”

Free Summer Counting Cards by The STEM Laboratory help kids work on counting items, like these cute crabs.

Then, she looked through the number cards to find the number five and placed it in the box on the crab card.

Free Summer Counting Cards by The STEM Laboratory.

We continued going in a circle until each child had a turn to pick a card, count and then place the correct number card on the picture.

Summer Counting Cards

Counting Cards Extension Activities

After I introduced the cards to all of my students, I placed them in our math centers for some extra practice.

Summer Counting Cards

Students then had the choice of using the number cards, dry erase marker, or cubes to represent their numbers!

Free Summer Counting Cards by The STEM Laboratory work with any math manipulative you want to use!

Grab Your Set

Are you ready to dream about some summer fun while in your classroom?

Scroll down and click the blue button to snag your free summer counting set. Then, make sure to hop over and grab our engaging Number Formation Pack in our store or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Summer Counting Cards

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