Watermelon STEM Book

Summer sun means watermelon fun!

Watermelon is the perfect way to add some science and math to summer plans… Especially when your hands-on STEM can later be turned into a snack.

Scroll down to snag your free STEM book and then hop over and grab some Ice Cream Counting Puzzles for some more sweet summer math.

Getting Ready

To prep for the activity, I printed off the Watermelon STEM Book (below) and gathered the supplies we needed for the activity:

  • Two small watermelons (one cut and one uncut)
  • A bowl (or bucket) that was large enough to fit the watermelon
  • A tape measure
  • LEGO blocks
  • Crayons
  • Pencils

Watermelon STEM

To start the sweet STEM activity, I handed out the crayons, a pencil, and the observation sheet to each child.

Then I placed a watermelon on the table.

I asked the children to look at the watermelon and tell me what they saw. It was a great way to build their scientific observations!

Then I had them draw the watermelon in their book – making sure to add plenty of details.

Next, we talked about circumference (the distance around the outside of the watermelon).

After the kids made some predictions about its size, I asked for a volunteer to measure the watermelon.

She carefully wrapped the measuring tape around the watermelon and proudly announced its circumference to the class.

We measured the length of the watermelon next.

(Although we used a measuring tape, you could use LEGO blocks to measure instead.)

For more observation,  I had the kids tell me some adjectives that came to mind when they looked at the watermelon.

I wrote them on the board, while my students carefully printed them in their book.

Then we had a brief coloring break!

Next, I asked the students to guess how many stripes were on the watermelon.

The guesses ranged from 20-72. (Aren’t kids’ predictions the best?!)

I asked for a volunteer and together we counted the stripes out loud so the whole class could follow along with us. There were 17 in all!

I cut the watermelon open and had kids guess how many seeds were inside.

We counted as many as we could find before we folded the pages together to create our own Watermelon STEM Book.

With our hard work behind us, I cut up the watermelon to make a tasty snack that the kids quickly devoured.

It was a truly sweet STEM activity!

Grab Your Download

Scroll down and click the blue button to download your copy of Watermelon STEM! Then hop over and snag some Popsicle Addition for even more summer fun!

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