Flower Addition to 10

Building up number sense and fact fluency is something that takes time and practice. But all of that hard work certainly doesn’t have to be boring! This flower addition to ten match is a fun way to work on addition facts in math centers, small groups, and even individual play this spring.

Flower Addition to 10

Prepping this fun addition game was simple and took just a few minutes once the laminator was ready to go.

I printed out the addition flower cards and watering cans, laminated them, and then cut them apart on the solid black lines.

Before introducing them to our math bins for individual play during math workshop, I used them in small groups with students so that they would be familiar with them.

We first spread out the watering cans face up on the table so that we could see the numbers and we placed the flower cards face down on the table in a pile to draw from.

We took turns pulling a flower card from the pile and reading the equation aloud.

Sometimes the student automatically knew the answer but, if they didn’t, they knew they could ask a tablemate for help since we were all working together as a team.

Once we solved the equation, we looked for the matching watering can and placed it on top of the flower card to “water the flower.”

We kept pulling flower cards and solving equations until all of the cards had been matched, solving 18 equations in all!

You could also make this game self-correcting by writing the answer on the back of the the flower cards.

The extra step would allow students to pair up cards on their own, but then check their work when they were finished to see if they solved the equations correctly.

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