Ten Frames Rainbow Match

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This Ten Frames Rainbow Match is a must-play this spring! Kids will have so much fun pairing up the numbers and ten frames that they won’t even realize that they’re learning.

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Getting Ready

Prepping for this ten frame activity was a snap!

First, I printed off the rainbows and cut along the lines to separate the puzzles pieces.

The numbers were on one half of the rainbow and the ten frames were on the other.

After cutting, I slid the pieces through my laminator to give them extra durability and then we were ready to get started.

Rainbow Ten Frame Match

To start this matching activity, I decided to review the numbers with my students by laying them out in order.

We read the numbers together and then I gave each child a ten frame.

The first friend had the ten frame with two dots. She counted out loud, “1, 2” and placed the card next to the correct number.

Next up was the number 4.

We kept counting until all the numbers were paired!

Students loved the challenge and were eager to solve the puzzles again in math centers later. Who knew working with ten frames could be so vibrant!?

Grab Your Copy

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