Valentine’s Number Puzzles – Numbers to 100

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These Valentine’s number puzzles are a great way to practice place value. Place value is a skill that requires continued practice. Some children even need DAILY reinforcement to understand the links between a number and the different ways that it can be represented.  But once they can understand this concept, it’s so valuable to them as they grow in their learning of math.

These adorable Valentine’s-themed number puzzles are perfect to pop in your February math tubs! They are awesome for math centers or focused intervention for those children needing a bit of extra help with numbers to 100, too.

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Valentine’s Number Puzzles – Numbers to 100

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed off the puzzles and cut them out.

Then, I slipped them through the laminator and cut them out again. This will make them extra durable and  allow me to use them again next year.

Valentine’s Number Puzzles – Numbers to 100

Valentine’s Number Puzzles

If you’re using the number puzzles for the first time, start with only four puzzles.  This will help students feel less overwhelmed to start.

I allowed the students to select any variation of the number. Most selected the word and then matched from there.

Giving the children control at the beginning allowed them to start with confidence. This is especially important if these number puzzles are used for an intervention activity.

We worked through the pieces one by one, counting out the base ten blocks and then talking about how they matched to the sum.

Valentine’s Number Puzzles – Numbers to 100

Once the children were comfortable with the process (and I was comfortable that they could complete it with understanding), they were given the rest of the pieces to match all the puzzles as a group.

Number Puzzles Extension Activities

To differentiate, select only certain puzzles so that the children aren’t overwhelmed.  Or rather, have them work with a partner or in a group to assist.

To extend, have the children place the puzzles in correct counting order once the puzzles are put together.

Grab Your Set

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