St. Patrick’s Day STEM

These St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges are a must-try! The set is perfect to use in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks for your little leprechauns.

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Peek Inside

All five of the activities teach kids important STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills. 

First up, build 10 Irish objects out of LEGOS. Pots of gold, the Irish flag, leprechaun shoes… they are all there!

And for students who are ready for a stretch, have them estimate how many bricks it will take to build each object and then compare their results when they are finished.

Then help your friendly leprechaun carry gold across water by creating a raft that really floats.

Students will need to make predictions, test their hypothesis and record their results on their handy record sheet.

Learn about buoyancy by pouring a Skittles rainbow into a baby food jar.

(This is one of our hands down FAVORITE kids’ science experiments!)

Next, use common kitchen supplies to make a chemical reaction that polishes “leprechaun coins”.

You’ll even learn a trick for turning nuts and bolts a copper color!

And finally, add on to AB, ABC, AAB, ABCD and so many more patterns with a simple bag of Skittles.

You can easily make the activity more challenging by asking kids to design their own combinations.

Grab Your Pack

Make this St. Patrick’s Day the most engaging yet! Grab your pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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