Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

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This colorful rainbow math craftivity is the perfect way to practice addition facts equaling 10.  And, as a fun bonus, the beautiful craftivity makes a gorgeous class display!

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Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

Getting Started

To prep the rainbow math craftivity, we gathered:

  • Scissors
  • Crayons (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • Glue
  • Rainbow to 10 cloud (color or black/white)
  • Addition fact strips
  • Counters (optional)

We provided a color and black/white cloud template so you could choose one to print along with the two pages of addition fact strips. For our sample, we picked the color version.

Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

Note: If your students need extra support with their addition facts, provide them with a set of counters to help them find the sums.

Ready to Add!

Before our students started adding, we had them color each crayon label on the top of their addition pages so that they could easily track each group later.

Then, students used their rainbow-colored crayons to color in the addition facts that equaled 10 in each color group.

For example, in the GREEN column, they colored the 7+3 strip GREEN.

Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

We designed these pages so that each column has only one fact that equals 10.

We typically use this math craftivity during St. Patrick’s Day and found fun gold coins at our local dollar store to use as counters!

These facts use addition to 12.  So, for those students who have yet to memorize their facts, giving them math manipulatives (such as counters) will assist them as they figure out each sum.

Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

Once students colored in their strips, we had them cut out the ones that they colored ONLY.

They had one strip for each color of the rainbow.

Next, we instructed them to cut out their cloud template and begin gluing the strips to the cloud to create a rainbow.

Rainbow to 10 Math Craftivity

We found that gluing the strips to the BACK of the cloud looked more visually appealing.

Once the glue dried, the adorable rainbows were ready to be displayed!

Grab Your Set

Click on the blue button below to download your free math craftivity and then hop over to our shop and snag our Editable Math Fact Games for more fun!

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