Shamrock Addition Game

This glittery shamrock addition game is a fun way to work on double digit number recognition, addition, and expanded form in first grade. Everything is more magical with a hint of sparkle, don’t you think?!

Getting Ready

To prep this math center, I printed off the shamrock cards (below) onto thick cardstock for durability.

And because I have a room full of six and seven-year-olds, I also laminated them!  If you plan on using this math game for a homeschool activity or as a family learning opportunity, you may not need to do that.

After getting the cards laminated and cut out, I printed off a stack of recording sheets.  My first graders tend to complete their favorite math centers more than once, so I always have extras!

Shamrock Addition Matching Game

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of math work stations. I’m constantly introducing my kiddos to new games to keep them engaged and excited about math.

Instead of simply showing my students the latest and greatest choice for math, I decided to mix things up!

I invited my first graders to our classroom carpet and asked if anyone wanted to come up to the front to “be the teacher”.  As expected, hands flew up immediately and my students were instantly intrigued.

I held up the shamrock math center and told them I wanted to have a student explain how they thought this center should work.

I called on one of my quieter kiddos. He did an excellent job figuring out and explaining that students would need to match up the shamrocks and fill in the correlating recording sheet.

After giving my student his time to shine, I called on students for a few more comments and one of my sweet little girls even suggested a great extension activity – playing the game “memory” with the shamrock cards!

I was impressed with their ability to take over and explore the new activity, and I really think they ended up taking more ownership with it when they each got their turn to complete it.

Grab Your Copy

Want to download your copy?  Just click on the blue button below. Then hop over and snag our rainbow to 10 craftivity and find out how to mix up a batch of leprechaun toothpaste!


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