Number Comparison Cards

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It’s a fact: before kids can REALLY understand abstract math concepts like place value and number comparison, they need concrete, hands-on practice. And there’s nothing like base ten blocks to show kids what numbers actually mean!

These number comparison cards come in THREE different versions so you can easily set up a just-right math center for EVERY student in class. Grab your copy below and then hop over to snag our Place Value Cover Up activity in our shop!

Work on comparing the numbers 1-50 with your youngest students or stretch kids who are ready with the sets focusing on 1-100 or 1-120!

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I simply printed the cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

Then I grabbed our basket of base ten blocks filled with units, rods and flats and we were all set to play!

Number Comparisons

My first grader, Avery, grabbed a card and used her blocks to build both numbers shown: 34 on the left and 28 on the right.

Then she looked at the two piles to determine what set had more.

Counting out the blocks and then seeing the piles side-by-side made the comparison quick and easy for her. 34 was the clear winner because it had an extra ten rod!

Avery grabbed her next card and started counting out the new piles.

Extension Activity

When kids are ready to stretch their learning even further, you can print off a record sheet so they can keep track of their answers.

And for further challenge, you can follow up with questions like:

  • How many more blocks were in the pile on the left than the right?
  • How many more tens were in the pile on the right?
  • How many more unit cubes would you need to add to make another group of ten?
  • How many blocks would you need to add to make 100?

Grab Your Download

Click the blue button below to download your set and then hop over to snag our Place Value Cover Up for more math fun!

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