Bubble Teen Numbers

Teen numbers can be super tricky for kids to grasp but this playful math center is here to help!

Scroll down to grab your freebie. Then make sure to hop over and pick up our free number bingo for even more counting fun!


To prep the activity, I printed the pieces on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

The picture cards printed two sets to a page to make nice big pieces for little hands to hold and the bubble bottles fit perfectly in the rectangles for students to match up.

After slicing everything with my paper cutter, my cards were ready to go!


To start the activity, I had students line up the number cards so we could review numbers 11-19 together.

Together, we pointed to each card as we said the numbers.

Then I modeled how to select a picture card and began counting. I selected the number 14 card first.

I made sure to show the students that they needed to count the bubble in front of the girl’s face along with all the other bubbles around her.

Then I found the number 14 in the row of bubble bottles and matched it to the card.

We have been working on pointing and counting using one-to-one correspondence so I made sure to show them that they needed to touch each bubble as they counted.

Next, a student came up to pick a card. He counted each bubble carefully and successfully matched the number 18.

We continued going in a circle until each child had a turn to pick a card, count and then place the correct number card on the picture.


Ready to snag your free counting activity?!

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