Reindeer Number Sequencing

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This fun Reindeer Number Sequencing center is great for kids who are learning to order numbers. It comes in single digit, double digit, AND triple digit numbers making it so easy to differentiate for students from preschool to second grade!

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Reindeer Number Sequencing

Getting Ready to Sequence!

In order to make the cards last longer, I put them through the laminator and cut out the pieces. Smaller manipulatives hold up so much better when they are laminated!

I grouped the reindeer together by letter (there is a letter in each upper left-hand corner) so students wouldn’t have to worry about keeping the groups straight.

Then I placed them in three stacks: one working on single digits, a second practicing on two digits and a third working on three digit numbers.

Reindeer Number Sequencing

Having three different levels of the activity made it easy to find a just right fit – I knew if the single digits were too easy, I could try double digits!

The Sequencing Activity

To add to the excitement, I introduced the activity with a quick back story:

Santa’s reindeer all have their special spot in line, but they’re not great at reading numbers.

They need help getting in order before they can fly Santa’s sleigh!

The sorting activity was an important one so my students were eager to get to work.

They happily began to sequence the reindeer into the right spot on the sleigh.

Reindeer Number Sequencing

I had them work on arranging one group of cards at a time. Sometimes it took a moment to decide where each number should be!

Reindeer Number Sequencing

Once they felt the reindeer were in the correct sequence, they wrote the reindeer numbers on the sheet – checking that the letter on the sleigh matched the letter on their reindeer group.

Extension Ideas

For students who need extra help figuring out the order, have them use a hundreds chart like this one.

If students are up for a bigger challenge, put all of the cards from one page together and have kids put them in order.

If there are repeated numbers, encourage kids to design a solution.

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