Ice Cream Skip Counting Puzzles

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Learning how to skip count takes kids lots of practice but these motivating ice cream skip counting puzzles make all of that hard work fun for kids.

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Ice Cream Skip Counting Puzzles

Getting Ready

Prepping the skip counting puzzles was quick and easy.

I printed the sheets (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors pop.

Then, I cut around the border of each ice cream scoop and cone to separate the pieces.

Love these skip counting puzzles!

I slid each set in a separate Ziploc (one for the 10s, another for the 5s, etc.) to keep the pieces together. Then, I called Middle Brother (age 4.5) over to join me.

Skip Counting Puzzles

I knew the activity would be a hit the moment he laid his eyes on the ice cream scoops. It was love at first sight!

He’s been practicing skip counting by tens at preschool, so I had him work on that set first.

He looked through the pile of scoops and pulled out the ten. Then, he carefully slid it on top of the cone.

Free skip counting puzzles for kids!

Counting out loud, he realized that 20 was next.

Fun skip counting puzzles for kids!

One scoop after the next, he stacked them in order.

Free skip counting puzzles!

He was thrilled to discover that all of the ones had zeros and the tens counted up by one. It was a major ah-ha moment!

After building the tens puzzle several times, he was eager to take on a new challenge and grabbed the bag of fives.

Fun free skip counting puzzles!

The ice cream puzzles were a sugary sweet way to practice skip counting.

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