Spin and Color Shapes Game

Learning shape names and characteristics is a math-must! Thankfully, this playful (and no prep!) shape game makes mastering them fun for kids.

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Spin and Color Shapes Game

Getting Ready

Prepping the shapes game was as quick as it comes!

I printed one game sheet for each child and grabbed a box of jumbo paperclips.

NOTE: There are three versions of this game, so you can work on different combinations of 2-dimensional shapes:

  • Circle, hexagon, square and triangle
  • Circle, rectangle, square and triangle
  • Trapezoid, rectangle, rhombus and oval

I pulled out our crayons and we were ready to play.

Spin and Color Shapes Game

My kids are always excited when I have a new game for them to try so my daughter was eager to get started.

We talked about the four shapes we would be working on: circle, rectangle, square and triangle. I made sure to compare the number of sides and vertices of each one to help reinforce their defining characteristics.

Then, my daughter flicked her paperclip around the end of a pencil to make a spinner and landed on her first shape: a square.

She happily grabbed a crayon and colored it orange.

Spin and Color Shapes Game

One shape after the next, she worked her way through the sheet.

When she was done, she asked to tackle the next version in the pile – adding hexagons into the mix!

Spin and Color Shapes Game

The simple shapes game was such a motivating way to dive into 2-dimensional shapes.

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