Number Formation Pack


Make learning to write the numbers 0 to 30 fun for kids! This number formation activity pack is brimming with motivating ways to practice writing and recognizing numbers:

*Posters with memorable poems (one for each number) to hang on the wall as helpful reminders,

*A 0-10 review sheet kids can take home to practice with their families,

*Plus number activity sheets that work on writing and concept.

Check out all of the fun details below!

Memorable Rhymes

Teaching kids silly number rhymes is a simple way to help them learn to write the digits 0-9. Once they know those 10 digits, they can write any number under the sun: numbers as small as 15 and numbers as big as 359,461, 209,607.

Introduce one digit at a time by teaching the kids a goofy poem they’re sure to remember.

“Down and around. Then you stop. We finish 5 with a line on top!”

I included large poster sized printables for you to hang on the wall or use for whole class instruction plus a review sheet kids can use to practice in a math station or with their parents at home.

Then continue the fun with rhymes for those tricky teens and twenties too!


Number Activity Sheets

To help kids connect those numbers with their concept, I designed hands-on number activity sheets (one for each number from 0 to 30).

In all, kids practice 6-7 different ways of making just each number. So comprehensive!


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