Watermelon Multiplication

Looking for a sweet way to prevent summer slide?

Watermelon is such a fun summer theme, I knew my students would love this hands-on way to practice their multiplication.

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Getting Ready

I printed off the watermelon multiplication cards and watermelon seeds on cardstock so we could use them again and again.

Then I cut the watermelon slices with my paper slider before deciding to cut out around the watermelon slice too. (You certainly don’t have to – I just liked how it looked.)

Next, I printed off the watermelon seeds on cardstock and cut along the black lines.

For fun, I also grabbed some sunflower seeds as another math manipulative for the kids to use.

Watermelon Multiplication

I laid all the multiplication watermelon slices on the table and gave each student a blank watermelon slice to use as their counting mat.

I let them choose either sunflower seeds or the paper seeds to count out each problem.

The first child picked up the 2 x 3  math slice and picked up a handful of sunflower seeds.

She read the problem out loud and carefully counted out 3 piles with 2 seeds each.

Then she counted all the seeds to find the solution: six!

The next student chose to use the paper watermelon seeds.

He drew a card, picked up a handful of watermelon seeds and carefully counted three piles of five.

3 x 5 = 15

He was right!

This sweet watermelon activity was a great activity to do as a class together and, once the kids are more familiar with their multiplication problems, it will make a wonderful math center for independent work.

Grab Your Download

Are you all set to add some watermelon fun to your to do list this summer?

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