Ice Cream Place Value

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Learning place value is an important math skill for kids – understanding numbers and how they work is integral to higher math.  This ice cream place value game makes practice a breeze by adding a hands-on method for learning about ones and tens and how they combine to make a two digit number.

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Ice Cream Place Value

Getting Ready

To get ready for this place value game, I first grabbed a few supplies:

  • Laminator (this one is my favorite)
  • Paper (cardstock would work well, too)
  • Dry erase markers

I wanted to be able to use these pages multiple times, so I laminated the pieces so I could easily wipe them clean and use them again.

I cut out the cherries and ice cream scoops and folded the dice along the lines before gluing the cubes together with hot glue.

Ice Cream Place Value

Ice Cream Place Value Game

This was such a fun and simple way to work on place value!

We started by rolling both dice.

The blue die showed the tens place and the green one showed the ones.

50 and 2!

We wrote the number on the ice cream cone and then counted out a matching number of tens ice cream scoops and ones cherries.

Ice Cream Place Value

With one ice cream complete, we repeated the steps of the place value game, moving down the row until all the ice cream cones were full.

Ice Cream Place Value

Then, we talked about the cones to stretch our learning.

  • Which one has the most ones?  Most tens?
  • Which number is the greatest?  Least?
  • What happens if you take away one ice cream scoop…or two?

Then, we wiped the page clean and started the place value game over again!

Ice Cream Place Value

Grab Your Set

Ready for some fun ice cream learning?! Click the blue download button below to grab your free download and then hop over and snag our Place Value Cover Up Game.

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