10 Coding Activities for Kids

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Coding is the language programmers use to make technologies like computers and robots do what they need them to do. There are twelve popular varieties – one coding language for websites, another one for computers, another for Android apps…Here are 10 coding activities for kids!

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10 Coding Activities for Kids

Just like mastering French or Spanish, kids can learn how to communicate in coding languages, too. Introduce kids to the concept of coding with these 10 playful, hands-on activities.

Fun Coding Activities for Kids

Coding Activities for Kids

Teach kids how numbers, letters and symbols can be used to communicate messages by cracking some secret superhero codes. // What We Do All Day

For a coding craftivity, string children’s names with binary code. // Mama Smiles

Have kids jump right in and start programing real games with the Hopscotch App. // iTunes

Learn through play with a set of programmable robot friends: Dash and Dot. // Amazon

Or build a Kano computer! // Amazon

Fun coding activities for kids!

Build robots that really walk, talk and “think.” // Amazon

Make a Spy Decoder! // Frugal Fun for Boys

Play an active game of If-Then. // Left Brain Craft Brain

Learn to program by building games. // Tynker

Developed entirely on an iPad, Cargo-Bot will challenge kids to program a robot to move boxes. Sounds simple but it’s not! // iTunes

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