Mystery Number Clip Cards

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Kids will love putting their math skills to the test as they follow the clues on these mystery number clip cards. Featuring numbers from 10 to 100, the cards challenge kids to review odd and even, adding and subtracting, and place value in the ones and tens places… all at the same time!

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Mystery Number Clip Cards

Getting Ready

This was such a low prep activity!

I printed the pages on card stock and laminated them for durability, then cut them apart to create a total of 12 cards.

To make the activity self-checking, I placed a small sticker on the back of the correct answer. Then, I laminated the cards to make them extra sturdy.

I punched a hole in the top right corner of each card and put them together with a binder ring. The extra step made it possible to store the set on one of the plastic 3M hooks I mounted on the side of a bookcase.  The trick is great for easy storage!

Mystery Number Clip Cards

To play, I placed the cards at a center with a basket of clothespins. (Paper clips would work well too.)

Children grabbed one card at a time and worked through the clues to find the answer.

Some students found it helpful to write down their work on a mini whiteboard.

In this example, the clue said “this number is between 10 and 20” so the student wrote out all of the numbers between 10 and 20.

Then she crossed out the list of possible numbers based on the rest of the clues:

  • It is an odd number.
  • It has a three in the ones place.
  • It is 15-2.

Mystery Number Clip Cards

Once she found the correct answer, she used a clothespin to mark her answer.

Children continued happily working their way through the stack, solving each mystery number along the way.

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