Flip and Color Shape Game

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If you’re working on a shape unit, this playful shape game is a must-grab because it helps kids connect REAL WORLD objects like watermelon slices and traffic signs to their matching shape.

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And, since I always want to make it easier for you to get EVERY student bigger results, the freebie comes in TWO versions so you can quickly differentiate: 

  1. One focuses on 2-dimensional shapes like circles and triangles 
  2. And the second set practices 3-dimensional shapes including spheres and cones.

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Getting Ready

To prep this shapes game, I simply printed the cards on cardstock and slid them through my laminator to give them extra durability.

Then, I cut along the lines to separate the pieces and placed the stack in a pile face down on my table.

I printed a record sheet for each child and grabbed our basket of crayons.

Viola! We were ready to play.

Flip and Color Shapes Game

Since my first grader is tackling 3-dimensional shapes right now, I decided to have her work on the 3-dimensional version of the game.

She flipped over one card at a time and analyzed the real world object shown in the middle of the glue bottle.

“This baseball is a sphere!” she said confidently.

Then, she picked up her crayon and colored the sphere before grabbing the next card in the stack.

One card after the next, she worked her way through the pile – recording her progress by coloring her sheet.

When she was through, she sorted the cards by shape and then asked to play the 2D version, too!

(I love when learning’s fun, don’t you?!)

Download Your Set

Click the blue download button below to grab your two flip and color games! Then, hop over to our shop and grab our Toothpick STEM Centers!


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