Piggy Bank Spin and Color

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Are your young mathematicians learning coin values? This spin and color coin activity is the perfect solution! It makes identifying each coin and finding its corresponding value fun and engaging. 

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Getting Ready

To get this coin activity started, we first gathered a few materials:

  • 1 piggy bank spinner (below) for each center
  • 1 piggy bank coin value printable (below) for each child
  • Colored pencils (blue, purple, yellow, green)
  • Paper clip
  • Optional: real or play coins, cardstock, laminator

We printed the piggy bank spinner on cardstock paper to make it more durable. (If it’s going to get repeated use, you could laminate the spinner, too.)

Although it wasn’t required, we grabbed a few real coins at the center to give students a real life connection to coin identification.

Spin and Color Coin Activity

After showing the class how to play, kids spun one of their colored pencils around a paper clip to see where it would land.


They said the name of the coin out loud for extra reinforcement and then colored the corresponding value on their printable in a color that matched the spinner.


(We colored the spinner so that you could easily spot check that kids were correctly matching the coin to the value: yellow for 5 cent nickels, purple for 25 cent quarters and so on.)

Children continued spinning until all of the coins in their piggy banks were colored.

Coin Extension Activity

To extend the activity, children can cover the colored in coin values with actual coins.

For an extra challenge, advanced learners can try to total the coins used to come up with a money amount. How much money is in the piggy bank?! $1.50!

Grab Your Set

Click on the blue button below to download your FREE Piggy Bank Spin & Color activity and then hop over and snag our Editable Math Fact Games in our shop!

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