My Five Senses Sorting Cards

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Teaching little ones about their five senses is so much fun. They love thinking about all of the things they can touch, see, taste, smell and hear.  This fun five senses activity is perfect for a science unit!

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Senses Sorting Cards

Getting Ready

This low prep five senses activity was ready to use in no time!

I just printed and laminated each of the pages and cut apart the five senses cards.

If you’d like, you can add velcro dots to the sorting mats and to the back of each card to make them stick.

Five Senses Sorting Mats

If you are using this activity while you’re teaching the five senses, I recommend introducing one mat at a time.

Then, choose two sets of cards for your students to sort.

For instance, introduce the taste mat and the cards for taste and hearing. Ask students to find all of the items they can taste and place them on the mat.

As you move on to the next sense, add the second mat and choose a third set of cards. At this point, they’ll have two sorting mats and three sets of sorting cards.

The idea is that there will always be one set of cards left over. This really gets kids thinking about each of the senses and where each card should go.

Senses Sorting Cards

Since I was using the five senses sort as a culminating activity, I set out all five sorting mats and all of the cards so kids could match each card to the appropriate mat.

Because some of the cards can go on more than one mat (you can smell, see, and touch a rose for example), you may need to help your students focus on which sense is the one they’d use most with the item.

For instance, they’d most likely smell the rose or see the lightning.

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