Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

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Want to freshen up your math centers with some fun seasonal math problems? These pumpkin patch addition cards are the perfect answer!

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Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

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Getting Ready

Prepping the write and wipe addition cards was super simple!

I printed off the addition cards on cardstock to give them durability and laminated them to make them reusable.

Then, I ran off a record sheet on some colorful paper for each student, grabbed some dry erase markers and we were set!

Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

Fall Addition Cards

To start, I handed the stack of addition cards to the first student in my small group.

She counted the four pumpkins shown and wrote the number 4 in the box below them.

Then, she carefully counted the crows and wrote the number 2 in the next box.

The child added the two numbers together and wrote the sum 6 in the last spot.

Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

Once students worked their way through the pile of problems and were ready for a stretch, I handed them the addition record sheet.

Using the letter written in the corner of each card, students wrote the complete math equation in the right spot on their pages.

Pumpkin Patch Addition Cards

Pumpkin Patch Addition was a great way to practice addition facts with a fun seasonal twist!

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