Pumpkin Investigations

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Pumpkin investigations are a must-try STEM activity for fall because they give kids hands-on practice with so many different math and science skills at once!

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Pumpkin Investigations

Getting Ready

To get ready, I printed a pumpkin investigation sheet (below) for my five year old son and grabbed our supplies:

  • A pumpkin (we used a small one but any size would work),
  • Unifix cubes,
  • Scale,
  • Bucket of water,
  • Piece of yarn (long enough to wrap around the pumpkin),
  • Ruler,
  • and a couple of crayons

Pumpkin Investigations

When everything was ready, I invited my son to join me.

I explained that we were going to use one of our pumpkins to practice some math and science.

First up, we would find out how tall our pumpkin was!

I asked him to guess how many Unifix cubes he would need to stretch from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom. Then he jumped in and started building a stack, counting the cubes when he was finished.

Pumpkin Investigations

Next up was weight so we placed our pumpkin on the scale and discovered that it weighed just half a pound. (My son couldn’t believe it because he tops the scale at nearly 50 pounds now!)

When he was ready, we grabbed the yarn and he wrapped it around the belly of the pumpkin. I helped him snip the ends so it was just the right diameter.

Pumpkin Investigations

Then he stretched the yarn along the edge of a ruler to find its length.

My son’s favorite part came when he tested whether the pumpkin would sink or float. He was stunned to discover that his guess was wrong – our little pumpkin happily rested at the top of our bucket.

Pumpkin Investigations

Our pumpkin investigation was such a fun way to sneak in some STEM learning! I hope your kids love it too.

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